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  1. Tschur Tschut is a Kashmiri dosa. Often served as a Breakfast dish or tea time snack. Its really nice crispy dosa. Its most popular among Kashmiri Pandit community.

  2. First, we need one cup rice flour. In a bowl, We will mix Rice flour, Salt, Cumin seeds, and Red chilly powder
  3. Next we will mix all dry ingredients well.
  4. Add enough water and make a loose batter. Heat a tawa
  5. Next, we will pour some oil and let’s wait till it heated enough.
  6. Take ladle batter and pour it in to Circular motion. From outside to inside
  7. Pour some oil over the dosa to make it crispy
  8. When one side is cooked,  and it start to leave from tawa, flip it
  9. Cook other side too .
  10. We have finished our  Tschur Tschut . Serve with Warm tea or any curry you like.