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  1. Pulivalam is a North-Kerala special . Especially in Kasargod- the north district of kerala- its an inevitable dish in every special occasions.
  2. First of all soak the Raw rice (pachari) over night or at least 4 hours
  3. In the morning we will grind it with Grated coconut , Boiled rice , Eggs and enough water to a smooth batter
  4. Add salt and mix well
  5. Heat Oil in a pan, take a ladle batter, pour the batter lengthwise and deep fry it both side
  6. Note: Traditionally, the batter is poured with hand. In that case batter with be little thick and squeeze with palm direct to hot oil .
  7. The traditional Pulivalam is ready
  8. Serve with any Spicy curry. Usually served with Chicken curry or Beef curry .