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  1. Take some rice and in a food processor add little water and make a batter. Remember the rice shouldn’t grind well.
  2. Add two cups of water and on stove top on low flame stir continuously. When it becomes a sticky dough remove from stove top and keep aside .
  3. Take rest of rice in a bowl , add cumin seeds, boiled rice , grated coconut , required amount of water and make a batter.
  4. In the batter, add the sticky dough we made and mix well .
  5. Add sugar, Salt and mix well . Add yeast . Keep it overnight to ferment.
  6. On morning mix the fermented batter well. and pour some batter to the Appachatti ( a special vessel made for this purpose -For best result use Cast Iron Appachatti).
  7. Spread the batter sides of the Appachatti , the side of the vessel have a thin layer of the batter and the center a thicker batter will be formed.
  8. Cover the Appachatti with the lid and cook it for 1-1 1/2 minute. No need to flip the appam. Remove the appam from the vessel with a wooden spatula. Its Done !!!
  9. Best with Beef Roast, Duck roast ,Egg Roast or Chutney