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  1. Cheera Aviyal or Spinach Aviyal is a healthy and tasty curry for your lunch. Usually its made with red spinach
  2. First of all lets make a coarse paste with Coconut and Cumin seeds with required amount of water. Keep it aside
  3. Now lets cook Spinach stem , Jackfruit seeds with enough water
  4. When its cooked add Chilly powder, Turmeric powder and enough salt
  5. Next, we will add Raw mango pieces. (beware about the sourness of raw mango, if its high, adjust it with your taste)
  6. It’s the time to add Spinach leaves.
  7. Finally we will add coconut paste and mix well. Cover the bowl with the lid, let’s cook it for some time.
  8. When everything is ready, add Curry leaves and pour some Coconut oil over it.
  9. Cheera Aviyal is ready
  10. Serve with Hot rice