1. Lemon Rice or Chitranna is a traditional Karnataka rice delicacy . Its a kind of spiced rice simple to make and super tasty one. Its a life saver recipe for Lunch box.
  2. You can use any rice for it. Here i have used Basmati rice.
  3. First of all, we have to cook the rice. Heat some water , add enough Salt
  4. When it start to boil, Add Rice and cook it. Drain water and keep it aside
  5. In a pan heat Gingelly oil, add a teaspoon Mustard seeds. When it start to spurts, add Urad dal,
  6. When the colour of Urad dal start to change, Add Chana dal. saute it for some time
  7. Add Raw peanuts roast it for some time
  8. Next a pinch ofAsafoetida, Ginger chopped, Green chillies, Dry red chillies, Curry leaves
  9. Saute everything for some more seconds
  10. Add Turmeric powder and mix well
  11. Finally add Lemon Juice and mix well
  12. We will finish the recipe by Mixing cooked rice to the pan and combine everything well, Lemon rice is ready. Best with Curd, Papad