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  1. Khoba roti is a Rajasthan delicacy . You can eat it as a Breakfast, or have it with tea or anytime you wanted to eat without guilt. So let’s start
  2. First in a bowl, take 3 cup of Wheat flour
  3. Add salt, combine well.
  4. Mix Melted ghee little by little and combine with hand.
  5. Add 1/2 cup of ghee for this purpose. Make sure the flour is well coated with ghee
  6. Don’t worry if the flour have crumbs. But when you squeeze the flour in hand, it should appear solid
  7. Add water enough and make a dough.
  8. Kneed well so that it will be soft
  9. Rub some ghee over the dough and keep it aside 30 minutes by covering it
  10. Kneed again and divide it to 3-4 parts
  11. Make roti with it. It should be quarter inch thick minimum
  12. Make slashes with knife on one side
  13. With fingers or with knife or tweezer make patterns. Traditionally fingers using by pinching
  14. Place the roti on a hot tawa and just cook the bottom side for 1 minute (the side with slashes)
  15. For cooking Khoba roti there is three ways
  16. One: In a tawa pour a teaspoon Ghee. Place the roti over it. Pour some more ghee over the roti and cook both side
  17. Two: Preheat oven at 180 degree, Place the roti over baking sheet and bake it at 180 degree for about 25-30 minutes
  18. Three: Cook it over flame. cook both sides
  19. Which method you choose the final result will be a crispy roti. Serve it after a teaspoon Ghee drizzled on the top
  20. Serve Khoba roti  with Dal, Curd or anything you want