Instagram, Pinterest ,Facebook and the queue is becoming larger. And a new type of photographers emerge. Food Photographers. Food Photography developed as a variation of Product photography. But now it is more popular than its origin.

Now we discuss the very basics of Food Photography. This articles is not meant for Professionals or intermediate photographers. What are the tools or Essential equipments required to start your journey as a food photographer. I am not an expert or professional photographer. But i want to share something, i have learned from my shots


Things we need for a start

  • An idea about Subject
  • Camera
  • Light
  • Properties

An Idea about subject

It simply means you need some idea about what you are going to shoot. For eg: If you are shooting some local food recipes. You should create that ” local feel” in your photograph . For example, have a look at picture below. There are lots of things other than the subject. But it create a feel of fresh bake, It also create a rustic atmosphere that create some nostalgia about the photograph and that could win hearts.

And the colour of the subject. Its very important thing and most of you know it well . The properties must create some contrast with the subject . So we need an understanding about the thing we are going to shoot. Hope it gives you an Idea.


Camera means simply an imaging device. Never burn your brain with DSLR cameras or Cannon Vs Nikon etc. A mobile phone with a decent camera will work for us. Every one knows how to take pictures. Its the thing. Nothing more . I am not going praise a brand here. You got a camera. Thats enough.


You may think. Whats special about light? Dear, In photography Light is everything. Photography simply means “capture the light”. Ok so its light, and its everything. The source of light also important . When we want food look natural, we want natural light or similar. The best source is Sun. Put your subject (the food) near the window so that we get enough light. No need of harsh direct light. Just ensure that the light is enough to light the subject with detail. Don’t forget about shadows. Perfect balance of Light and shadows create depth to the subject.


What you mean by properties?

Nothing complex. The bowls, some colourful cloths , Table mat , Some rustic wood pieces or even some old news papers serve the purpose of properties. They just help to project the subject. or help to create some mood or feel to the subject. The below picture of lemonade. The ice, the lemon create some special feel to the photograph. So those ice and Lemon are our properties. Simple right?

Statutory Warning When you become passionate about food photography most of your money will go for properties. Eg: a new ceramic blue bowl or some antique piece. So beware. Everything has a value in front of camera. Even your broken kettle!!

Thats all for now dear friends. Hope you got some sparks!! Your comments are precious and am waiting for it. Thank you!!