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  1. Kozhi Ada or Malabar Chicken Pockets is a teatime snack popular in the Malabar area, Kerala. It’s also a must item in Travels bags. So let’s start.
  2. First of all we will marinate 250 grams of boneless chicken with Turmeric powder, Chilly powder, Pepper powder, and Salt. Keep it for rest at least 30 minutes
  3. Now cook it shred it and mince it in a mixture grinder.
  4. Next, we will prepare the filling masala. Heat Oil in a pan, add Ginger-Garlic paste, and saute it for sometime
  5. When it’s done, Add chopped Onions, Chopped green chilies and Some salt and saute it for some time
  6. When the Onion becomes light brown colour, you can add Minced chicken with Garam masala. That’s it. Our masala mixing is complete. But processing continues.
  7. You can check the Salt, Spice level at this time. If you want anything further, Add it
  8. As it’s meant for longer shelf life, we will make the masala dehydrated & crispy. So we will add some oil occasionally and roast it well
  9. But if you are making it as a tea-time snack no need to dehydrate completely.  So here your taste and preferences matters
  10. If it reached the desired level, you can flame off and keep it aside to cool off
  11. Next, we will prepare the dough. Take All purpose flour, Water, Ghee, and enough salt and mix everything and knead it to a dough
  12. Now we will divide it into two and Roll it with the rolling pin. We need thickness little more than regular roti
  13. Next, we will cut it with a glass or any other tin to make every pockets similar size
  14. Place the masala on the center of each dough circles, fold it and press sides to close it
  15. Traditionally the pattern is made with hands, But now we will use a fork to create designs
  16. Make sure that the pockets are closed well. It’s good to keep those pockets in refrigerator for 10 minutes before frying
  17. Now you can heat oil, Deep fry the pockets to light brown colour.
  18. That’s it . Kozhi Ada or Malabar Chicken Pockets are ready .