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  1. Grind together coconut and cumin seed without water and keep aside
  2. Cut all vegetables in to 3 inch long slices
  3. Much care should taken when taking raw mango. Because sourness differ from type to type
  4. In a thick bottom vessel head coconut oil and add few curry leaves. (don’t fry it)
  5. When curry leaves are just ready add all vegetables except mango
  6. Add turmeric powder, chilly powder and mix well
  7. Cook it for few minute. Now you can add Salt. Mix well
  8. Note: Don’t add single drop of water.
  9. Add raw mango pieces when all vegetables are cooked
  10. Now you can add coconut and mix well
  11. Let it cook few more minutes
  12. When all cooked well, Add some coconut oil and mix well
  13. Now you can enjoy Kottyam style easy avial
  14. Best with Rice