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  1. Beef Roast or Kerala  Beef varattiyathu. Its the style of traditional Kerala
  2. First we will prepare Meat masala. Heat some oil, Black pepper, Coriander seeds, Star anise, Cinnamon sticks, Cloves, Cumin, Fennal seeds, Dry red chillies and saute it for some time
  3. When you get some fresh aroma, flame off and let it cool enough
  4. With the mixer grinder or use motor and pestle and make fine powder
  5. Next we will Wash the Beef well, squeeze excess water and cook it with enough salt, Turmeric powder and Chilly powder
  6. As an optional content you can add some Potatoes slices or Chinese potatoes to it
  7. No need to add water.
  8. Next heat some oil, add Mustard seeds. When it start to spurts, add Coconut strips, fry it
  9. We will add Ginger , Garlic , Green chillies, Curry leaves and saute well
  10. Its the time to add Sliced Onion and saute well. If you add some salt, the sauting process will be little quick
  11. Add chopped Tomatoes and cook it well
  12. Add meat masala with the mix and combine well
  13. Finally you can add cooked Beef with stock water
  14. Check the salt level if required add some more
  15. We need to thicken the gravy if there is excess water. Cook it enough till the water content reach the right level
  16. Serve warm with Kerala Porotta , Chapati , Rice, Appam or  Puttu