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  1. Rasgulla or Rasagula is originated in Begal. Its easy to make and addictive in taste. It served as a dessert
  2. First of all, We have to make Paneer. Boil the Milk in a pan
  3. When it start to boiling, add lemon juice and stir well.
  4. You can see the milk began to curdle
  5. When it curdle completely switch off the flame
  6. Strain it with a cloth and squeeze out excess water maximum
  7. Keep the panner under something with enough weight, so that the the water content drain completely
  8. Next we will kneed the paneer to a dough
  9. In some areas people add some maida/ all purpose flour with it . Her we don’t add it
  10. Ok kneed it to a lumps free dough
  11. Make small balls. Don’t worry. it will be double in size at end
  12. Next we will make Sugar syrup. In a pan add Sugar, and 3 cup water, and Cardamom powder , lets stir till sugar dissolve completely and start to boil
  13. Add Rose water if you prefer
  14. Add paneer balls to the syrup and let’s cook for 10-12 minutes
  15. Just stir the syrup without touching the balls
  16. Remove from stove and keep it closed . The size of will be double and will sank in syrup
  17. Lets wait till it cool off
  18. Serve it with garnishing with Saffron