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  1. Dates pickle is originated in Kerala, as Keralites are huge fan of pickles. As you know its sweet- spicy pickle and best with Fried rice or Biriyani
  2. First we have to clean the dates. Deseed them and chop into small pices and keep aside
  3. Next in a pan heat Gingelly oil, add Mustard seeds and wait till it start to spurts.
  4. Add Fenugreek seeds and saute it till the colour of change to red
  5. Next we will and Ginger chopped, Garlic chopped and saute it for some time
  6. We will add Green chillies next. add Curry leaves too. Saute everything well
  7. Now we will add Turmeric powder and Chilly powder. Mix well
  8. Add Tamarind juice , enough salt and mix well
  9. You can add some water if required.
  10. It is the time to add Chopped Dates and Jaggery. (Before adding Jaggery you have test the taste. and add it as per your taste and preference)
  11. Finally we add Asafoetida and still continuously till we reach the right consistency
  12. Keep the Dates pickle in an air tight container and use it after 24 hour