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  1. Pidi or Paal Pidi is a a breakfast dish much popular among Christians in Kottayam area, In Kerala district. Its often served with Chicken curry knows as “Pidiyum Kozhiyum”.
  2. Fist of all We will prepare the Rice flour. Idiyappam/ Pathiri Flour can be used for it .
  3. Next we will mix Rice flour and half cup Grated coconut. Combine well with hand and keep it aside about 10 minutes
  4. At tat time you can extract Coconut Milk
  5. Now we will prepare some spicy coconut masala, by grinding Garlic, Shallot , Coconut, Cumin with some water.
  6. Next Roast the Rice flour mix , and stir continuously for some time
  7. Now we will and enough Salt and Water. Let it boil
  8. We will use this Coconut batter to Kneed the dough
  9. Add this to Roasted rice flour little by little and combine well
  10. Note: Both Rice flour mix and Coconut batter should be hot. So if possible do both things same time.
  11. Now, we have to wait for some time as the dough is still hot, cant handle with hand.
  12. Next add Ghee,  kneed it to a smooth dough. If required you can add some hot water
  13. We will make small balls with the dough and keep it aside
  14. Now we will cook it. For that , heat a pan, Add two cup coconut milk and let it to boil
  15. Add rice balls and let it cooked in Coconut milk
  16. To make it little tick, we will Mix half cup coconut milk and One tablespoon Rice flour without lumps
  17. Add the mixture to the Pidi and combine it with it without touching the balls
  18. Finally, cook it till, the water content reduced to minimum and it will be thick.
  19. Kottyam style Pidi or Paal Pidi is ready
  20. Serve warm with Chicken Curry