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  1. Roti Jala or Net Pancake is a Malaysian pancake. Much simple to make .
  2. First in a mixing bowl add a Cup all purpose flour , Add Turmeric powder
  3. If you wish you can sieve both together as it will mix nicely .
  4. Add Egg, Coconut milk and salt
  5. Mix everything well with a whisk or ladle.
  6. If required, add Water and make a smooth batter
  7. Roti Jala is made with a special cup with multiple holes. But you can use a squeeze bottle instead
  8. Rub some oil over the hot pan
  9. Squeez the bottle  over than in circular motion so it create a lacy pattern
  10. No need to flip.
  11. Just fold it and roll it or fold it as the way you like
  12. Serve with Chicken curry or Mutton curry