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  1. Ada Pradhamn or Ada payasam is made on special occasions in Kerala. Such as Onam, Vishu, someone’s Birthday, Marriage etc.  Here we are making Ada Pradhaman in a traditional way. We do not use readymade ada (a type of rice flakes) but we make Ada at home. So let’s start
  2. First of all we soak rice for about 2-3 hours . Then drain water and make fine powder in a mixer grinder. You can use a sieve to remove big particles.
  3. Next, we add 2 teaspoon Ghee (if not available use Coconut Oil) and enough water to make a running batter.
  4. Prepare banana leaf pieces by heating it over flame ( Ila vattal)
  5. Pour a teaspoon batter over it. spread evenly. Roll it and tie both end ( no need a tight  tie- just to prevent open it while falling in water)
  6. Boil water and put these banana leaf rolls in it and cook it about 10-15 minutes
  7. Let it cool enough . Open banana rolls, remove cooked Adas from leaf . (If you are using coconut oil, you need to wash it twice or more time to remove excess oil )
  8. Ok, our Ads are ready .
  9. And, If you want to use it later, you can sun dry or use a dehydrator and completely remove water content and store in an air tight container. Before using it,  just put it in hot water and use it.
  10. Now we have to prepare Coconut Milk. Depends on consistency, we name it in to three. Onnam Pal ( Thala pal) or First milk,  Randaam Pal or Second Milk and Moonam Pal or Third Milk. Onnam pal is the thickest one and Moonam pal is lightest one.
  11. The process is simple. Add hot water in grated coconut, Grind it Mixer grinder and squeeze it. It’s the Onnam pal or thala pal. Again we repeat the process on same coconut, its randam pal or second milk and finally we repeat it once more and its Moonam pal or third milk.
  12. Now melt jaggery with some water. Strain the syrup for impurities and Heat again.
  13. Add Ada in Jaggery syrup and stir continuously . When the syrup start to thicken, add 4 teaspoon Ghee .
  14. Next we will add Moonam Pal or third milk and stir continuously. When the mix start to thicken, Add Second Milk or Randam pal do not stop stirring .
  15. Mix Onnam pal or First milk with Cardamom powder and add it when the mixture become thick again.
  16. After add the First Milk, Flame off and remove it from stove.
  17.  Finally, in a pan, heat some Ghee, fry coconut strips and add it to Payasam .
  18. Ada Pradhaman is ready . Have it with Pappadam .