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  1. Kilikoodu is a Malabar snack food. Its also served on special occasions in malabar area, So lets start
  2. First,cook potatoes with some salt , peel,mash  and keep it aside
  3. Next cook Boneless Chicken with Salt, Turmeric powder and Peppeer powder and keep it aside
  4. In a bowl, Add mashed Potatoes, add Chiken, Ginger, Green Chillies, Onion chopped,  Garam Masala, and enough Salt and combine well
  5. Here i had added some Panner left with the mix. ( Chicken and Panner is optional)
  6. Make small ball with the potato mix.
  7. Just press on the ball with your thumb, so that it form the shape of a nest.
  8. Now make batter , Mix All Purpose Flourwith water, salt and make a loose batter
  9. If you wish you can also use beaten Egg and Salt  mixture instead of all purpose flour mix
  10. Dip each balls in to Batter or Egg mixture.
  11. Again roll it over Vermicelli, so that the vermicelli will cover the balls well
  12. Deep fry each balls in to Golden brown colour
  13. Now eitherDecorate each Kilikoodu with either eggs made with panner  or use Quail eggs ( its an optional step)
  14. Serve Kilikoodu warm with tea