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  1. Kalathappam or Malabar kalathappam is a traditional rice cake often made  for special occasstions . Its quiet easy recipe.
  2. First of all we will soak Rice. Here we took Half cup White raw rice and half cup Basmati rice. If there is no stock of Basmathi, Use raw white rice
  3. We need to soak it for atlest 3 hours (white Raw rice). If you use warm water to soak rice you can save time. Just 20 minutes will be ok
  4. Next, we will grind the rice to a thick smooth paste. We need to add 1 cup cooked rice and enough water with rice. Keep it aside.
  5. Next we will melt the jaggery. we need 300 gram Jaggery for this purpose. Add a tablespoon water and melt it
  6. When it melt completely , Strain it for impurities and add directly to the batter and mix it well.
  7. We will add Cardamom + sugar mixture along with some salt and a pinch of Baking soda. Mix it well.
  8. Next, we will prepare Coconut strips and Shallot for garnishing
  9. Heat a tablespoon ghee , fry coconut strips and Slices shallots .
  10. Note: You can Bake it either in oven or in cooker. we used cooker for this purpose.
  11. Inside the cooker, grease it with either butter or ghee
  12. Add half of the Coconut strips and shallot mixture in the cooker as first layer
  13. Pour the batter and garnish it with remaning coconut strips and shallots.
  14. Close with lid and bake it for 10-15 minutes without weight on low flame.
  15. Use the tooth pick to check whether its cooked or not.
  16. Remove from cooker when its cooled enough. Thats it Malabar Kalathappam is ready.