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  1. Chemmeen theeyal / Konchu theeyal or Prawn curry is a traditional Kerala curry. You can have it with lunch or breakfast. So let’s start.
  2. First, we have to prepare Coconut masala. For that heat a teaspoon Coconut oil in a pan and add a cup of Grated Coconut and roast it.
  3. Next, we will add a piece of Ginger chopped and a teaspoon Black pepper and roast it.
  4. When the colour of the coconut changed to brown colour, we will add a teaspoon Chilly powder and one and a half teaspoon Coriander powder. Mix well
  5. When it’s roasted enough, we will remove it from flame and grind it to a paste with enough water. Keep it aside.
  6. Now we will make the Curry. Heat a tablespoon Coconut oil in a pan, add one cup sliced Shallots. Saute it for some time.
  7. When it did half, add 2-3 sliced Green chillies and a tablespoon Coconut strips. Coconut strips are optional but we recommend it.
  8. It’s the time to add  Prawns. add a cup cleaned Prawn
  9. Next, we will add half teaspoon Turmeric powder and a teaspoon Chilly powder. Add enough water and Salt. Mix it well.
  10. We will cook it well so that the Prawns are cooked enough.
  11. Next, we will add a tablespoon Tamarind extract. If you dont like Tamarind, you can add Kokum instead
  12. Finally, we can add Coconut paste. Combine everything well. If required, add more water.
  13. Cook everything some more minutes. When its start boiling, add a spring Curry leaves and remove it from flame.
  14. That’s all. Kerala style Prawn curry or Konchu Theeyal is ready.