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  1. Nadan Chicken Curry or Kerala style Boneless Chicken curry. Perfect curry for you spicy breakfast or lunch
  2. First of all, Marinate the chicken with Turmeric powder and Salt. Keep it nearby for 10 minutes
  3. Cook it well. Keep the stock water near. We will need it
  4. Remove bones from chicken and slice it into small pieces. We need 2 cups of boneless chicken
  5. Next, we will prepare Coconut masala. Heat a teaspoon Coconut oil.
  6. Add one and a half cup of Grated coconut and roast it
  7. When the colour of the coconut started to change, add Coriander seeds and Black Pepper.
  8. Roast it few more minutes. While changing colour to little darker, add Cardamom seeds. No need to add pods
  9. Next, add Fennel seeds, Cinnamon sticks and Cloves and roast it till it becomes brown colour
  10. Flame off, remove from flame. We will grind the masala to a nice paste with enough water
  11. Now we will make the curry. Heat a tablespoon Coconut oil and add two teaspoons crushed Ginger and Garlic and saute it
  12. When the raw smell goes out, add Sliced Onions and saute it for few minutes
  13. Add Green chillies and Tomatoes, when the Onion starts to change colour
  14. You need to add quarter teaspoon Turmeric powder, One and a Half teaspoon Chilly powder and a teaspoon Garam masala when all cooked well
  15. Mix everything well.
  16. Now we can add Coconut paste. Add it and combine well. Don’t forget to add salt
  17. If you want some more colour, You can add Kashmiri chilly powder. It’s optional
  18. Add Chicken stock water. If you want more water content you can add water. Let it boil.
  19. Finally, we will add Cooked chicken with the mixture. Combine well and allow it to cook for some time
  20. Garnish with curry leaves. Best with Appam, Puttu or Pidi.