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  1. To make Puttu/Pittu you need some special vessel name Puttu Steamer . It include two Parts a) Puttukudam (Steamer) you can use pressure cooker without weight, If you don’t have the steamer. b) Puttukutty . Its a long steel pipe with a jali and lid. Here we used Chirattaputtu maker instead of this Puttukutty. Now let’s start
  2. Fill half amount of water in Puttukudam (steamer) / cooker and let it boil and start steam come out
  3. In a bowl take one cup of rice powder (puttupodi)
  4. Add required amount of salt and cumin seeds and mix well with hand
  5. Sprinkle water little and join the ingredients with fingertips to form crumbs
  6. Some rice powder require equal proportion of rice powder and water (1:1)
  7. In Puttukutty put the jali in place and add grated coconut and spread it evenly
  8. Fill half of the Puttukutty with Rice powder mixure then again some grated coconut then again fill rice powder mix and finally on top some more coconut
  9. Close the Puttukutty and put it on the Puttukudam ( steamer)
  10. Wailt till the steam come out od the Puttukutty
  11. You can Switch off the flame and let it wait 2-3 minute
  12. Now remove the puttukutty from steamer and pull the Putt with a stick