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  1. Poricha Pathiri or Fried Pathiri is a popular malabar tea time snack. Its specialty is unlike other malabar delicacies you can find it everywhere in Kerala.
  2. First of all, we will boil two cups of water. Add enough salt and a teaspoon Ghee.
  3. Next, add a cup Rice flour slowly. Combine well with a wooden ladle.
  4. Flame off and we will wait sometime to cool it off. So that we can handle it safely.
  5. We will crush half-cup Grated coconut with 3-4 shallot and a teaspoon Cumin seeds in a mixture grinder without adding water.
  6. Next, we will mix everything together. First, add a tablespoon All-purpose flour with the rice flour mix.
  7. Add crushed coconut to the mix and kneed everything to a dough
  8. Finally, we will add a tablespoon of Black Sesame seeds too. If you wish you could replace it with Black Cumin.
  9. We will roll the dough with a rolling pin to  half in a thick sheet
  10. We will cut them into circles with a cookie cutter.
  11. Heat oil. Keep it in medium flame before putting pathiris
  12. If you are frying it in high flame, the inside may not cook properly
  13. Fry both sides till it reaches a light brown colour. Poricha pathiri is ready
  14. Enjoy with tea or coffee.