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  1. Ney Payasam or Ghee Kheer is Kerala’s own dessert. Usually its made in temples as an offerings. But today we will make it at home
  2. For Ney payasam we use Brown Raw rice or Unakkalari . First wash it well, Cook it and keep it aside
  3. Next we will melt Jaggery. There are two varieties available. The white one and the black one. White jaggery means little yellowish colour
  4. Stain the Jaggery syrup for impurities and transfer it to Uruli ( a Bowl traditionally payasam is made)
  5. If Uruli is not available, you can use any thick bottom bowl for this purpose.
  6. When the Jaggery syrup start to boil, add cooked rice and combine well
  7. Now you could add Ghee. 2 -3 tablespoon Ghee will be added. If you add more it will be better
  8. Next add Cardamom powder and mix well
  9. In a pan heat Ghee. Add coconut stripes and fry it.
  10. Add banana slices to same Ghee , saute it for some time
  11. Finally add Coconut stripes and Banana slices along with rest ghee to the Payasam
  12. You can garnish it with Black Raisins and Rock sugar. Enjoy Ney Payasam