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  1. Kumbilappam , the process may be little longer, but the taste is heavenly. So, let’s start
  2. If you have Chakka Varattiyathu already, then the recipe is very easy, if not lets make it quickly.
  3. First of all , let’s slice jackfruit in to small pieces
  4. Next, we will make a paste using a blender. ( never make smooth paste)
  5. Now we will add Jaggery, Cardamom powder and mix well (Instant chakka varattiyathu is ready)
  6. If everything mixed well, Add Rice powder, Salt, Ghee and make heavy paste.
  7. Now with the Vazhana Ila (Indian Bay leaves) , we will make cone , pin it with Tooth Pick,   Fill the batter,  close it with  top end of the leaf
  8. Now let’s steam it for atleast 15-20 minutes. Kumbilappam is ready!!