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  1. To make traditional chakka varattiyathu(jackfruit preserve), first deseed jackfruit and slice
  2. Now we have to cook it for 15 minutes or till it well cooked. ( just to make it soft)
  3. In a thick bottom pan , melt jaggery with little water,(don’t forget to strain for impurities )
  4. Now we will add cooked jackfruit to the  jaggery syrup and mx well
  5. when the water contents starts to disappear and the mix began to thickening add Ghee to the mix
  6. Add required amount of ghee till water contents disappear completely. (Don’t forget to stir continuously )
  7. When everything mix well, switch off flame and let it cool
  8. Keep it in an air tight container
  9. Note: The chakka varattiyathu could keep longer if there is no water contents.
  10. If you are using Koozha chakka ( a variety of jackfruit which is more fluffy fleshy) no need to cook, You can use it directly