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  1. Sock Rice, Urad dal and Fenugreek seed at least 4 hours in separate bowls
  2. Grind rice in to batter with required amount of water.
  3. Grind together Urad dal and fenugreek seed in to batter
  4. Mix together keep it in a warm environment for fermentation overnight
  5. Before making dosa, mix the batter well
  6. Pour batter on hot dosa tawa with ladle ( if using cast iron tawa, spread oil before pouring batter)
  7. The dosa must be thin as much as possible
  8. When the top side of the dosa look cooked , sprinkle a teaspoon of Ghee on top side of dosa
  9. Spread the ghee with the spoon
  10. The dosa need to cook only one side. So when the bottom side look golden colour, roll it or fold it and serve it with Chutney, Sambar  or Tomato Chutney