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  1. First of all, melt jaggery with little amount of water
  2. Strain the jaggery mix for impurities and mix with coconut and cardamom powder
  3. Now mix a pinch of salt and keep it aside
  4. Let’s prepare batter for ada
  5. Mix rice powder, hot water and salt and make a thick batter ( we have to flatten the batter with hand )
  6. Cut banana leaf in to squire . Now let put it over flame to make the leaf little flexible . Don’t let it burn..  Just 2 second is enough
  7. Have a hand full of batter and flatten it just like Dosa.
  8. Put the sweet mixture in one side.
  9. Now fold banana leaf half. tuck the endings too
  10. Team the ada for 10 minutes. Your ela ada is ready