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  1. Curd Vada or Thayir Vadai is one of the popular snack from South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Its very easy to make
  2. First Process is Making Vada, You can follow our Uzhunnu vada Recipe to make vadas. Make small uzhunnu vada balls by dipping the batter to hot oil .
  3. Next we will soak the vada in water for 2 minutes, and squeeze excess water and keep it aside
  4. Grind Coconut and Green Chillies to a paste with some water
  5. Add curd to the coconut paste  and mix well .
  6. Now in a hot pan heat oil , add Mustard seeds. When it start to spurt, add Urad dal, Curry leaves, and Dry red chillies
  7. Add Vadas to the Curd Mix
  8. Pur the Oil mix over vadas
  9. Garnish with grated coconut
  10. Curd vada is ready