1. First we make Idlis. You can buy small idli plates here
  2. Soak Ponni rice (idli rice) & Urad dal at leat 3 hours in separate bowls
  3. Drain water and grind both separately with required amount of water
  4. Mix them and add salt and keep it for fermentation overnight
  5. Note : you are requested to to use bigger bowl as the batter will rise . so there need some space
  6. If the weather is hot fermentation will be fast. But in cold climate require much more time.So if you are in colder climate keep the batter in a warm place
  7. Before use, mix well the batter
  8. Boil  water in the boiler.
  9. Rub some oil / butter to grease the Idli plate
  10. Pour batter in idli plate and place it in steamer
  11. after 10-15 minute Your soft idli will be ready
  12. Now we will make Sambar 
  13. First of all boil toor dal in a cooker and keep it aside
  14. In a pan add Coriander,Fenugreek, red chillies and some curry leaves
  15. Roast it with a teaspoon of oil till fenugreek become light brown
  16. Let’s grind them in to thick paste with required amount of water. Lets keep it aside
  17. In a thick bottom bowl add all vegetables (except tomato and ladies finger)
  18. Add turmeric powder and lets cook it
  19. Now we will add Salt and mix well
  20. Now lets add tomato and ladies finger and cook for few minutes
  21. Add Tamarind juice, cooked toor dal and mix well and let it boil
  22. let it boil few minute now add masala paste
  23. Now add Asafoetida powder
  24. In a pan heat oil. Add mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves.
  25. When mustard seeds started to crackle add the mix to the sambar
  26. Now in a  serving bowl fill your cute mini idlis, pour sambar. Make sure all idlis are covered in sambar.
  27. Now enjoy your Idli sambar