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  1. Elanchi is a Malabar (North Kerala) snack food. It’s much easy to make. So lets start
  2. First of all Let’s make batter. In a bowl, add All Purpose Flour, Egg, Turmeric powder, Salt and enough water to make a batter
  3. Next in pan heat Ghee, add broken cashew nuts and fry for few seconds, now add Raisins and fry it for some seconds. Keep it aside
  4. Add Sugar to the same pan, add a tablespoon of water and mix well. Heat it for a minute stirring continuously.
  5. Now add Grated Coconut and mix well. Stir well till the water content evaporate almost.
  6. Add roasted Cashew nuts and Raisins. the filling is ready
  7. Heat a tawa, pour some batter over it and spread round, just like Dosa. Make sure its small one.
  8. When cooked , flip it and cook other side too.
  9. Now place the filling in one side of the dosa, roll it, and close side by folding it inside.
  10. Elanchi is ready