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  1. Banana Chips or Kaya Upperi is Kerala’s own snack food. Its also called Ethakka Upperi. Its very simple to make.
  2. First of all Peel the Bananas and wash well
  3. In a bowl, add water, mix Turmeric powder well and dip Bananas in Turmeric water at least One hour.
  4. This will give Chips golden yellow colour
  5. Then slice each bananas in to Thin slices.
  6. For Sadya its usually slice each Banans in to four.
  7. Now we will prepare Salt Water by combining Salt and Water
  8. Heat Oil, Add Banana slices, Deep fry Banana i n to Golden brown colour.
  9. Just before Picking te Chips from oil, Lower the Flame, pour two or three teaspoon Salt water over the chips and mix well
  10. Remove chips from the Oil, and Keep it in an Air tight Container. Banana Chips are ready