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  1. If there is some special day in kerala, definitely there will be a Payasam (kheer/ traditional dessert) . Today we are making Parippu Payasam or Cheruparippu Payasam or Moong Dal Payasam
  2. For the recipe we need some preparations.  First of all clean the moong dal, dry roast till its crisp enough
  3. Grate coconut. We have to extract Milk from it. In kerala its called Thenga pal ( Coconut Milk)
  4. We need three types of coconut milk based on its thickness .
  5. Onnam Pal / Thala Pal (primary Milk) is extracted by grinding the coconut and squeeze in a thick cloth. It will be thickest milk
  6. Randam Pal ( Secondady milk) is extracted  from the coconut which is used to extract Primary milk. Add some hot water and grind once more and squeeze like the same way and extract the milk. It will be the thin milk compared to Primary one
  7. Moonam Pal is made from same coconut which is used to extract Primary and Secondary Milk, Add more hot water, grind it once more and squeeze maximum . The milk will be the thinnest milk. Now we have completed all preparations.
  8. Cook the Moong dal with enough water . Don’t get it cooked completely.
  9. Next we will melt Jaggery with a tablespoon water. Strain for impurities and transfer for Final preparations
  10. Add cooked Moong Dal to the Jaggery syrup and mx thoroughly
  11. Cook it for some time and let the the water content become less than half.
  12. Add a teaspoon Ghee, You can add more ghee if you wish , combine well
  13. Its the time to add Third Milk (Mo0nam Pal). Mix well and stir continuously.
  14. Let the water content reach half , add Ghee if you want, mix well, Add Second Milk (Randam Pal)
  15. Stir continuously, like earlier, let the water content reduced to half.
  16. Add Ghee, mix well, Add the Primary Milk ( Onnam Pal) and Cardamom powder, Flame off and mix well
  17. In a pan Heat some Ghee, Add Coconut Strips  and roast it to light brown colour.
  18. Add the mix to the Payasam and Mix well.
  19. If you want, you could add ghee roasted  Cashew nuts and Raisins with Payasam.
  20. Parippu Payasam is ready