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  1. Ulli Vada or Onion Bajji is a popular teatime snack. Original pakoda is made with Basen flour (gram flour) but You can replace it with Whole wheat powder
  2. First of all , Slice the Onion and keep it aside
  3. Next,In a pan heat oil for deep frying
  4. Now we will make the batter. In a bowl add Basen flour/ wheat flour, add Rice powder, Turmeric powder, Chilly powder, Asafoetida powder, salt and enough water
  5. Mix well and make a batter.
  6. Next pick some onion and dip it in the batter. Make sure the Onion is covered well with the  batter .
  7. Finally, Carefully dip the Onion in to the hot oil, deep fry to golden brown colour
  8. Ulli Vada is ready. Serve hot  with sauce or tea