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  1. Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice is a Chinese delicacy now much popular in India.
  2. First of Cook chicken with salt and keep it aside
  3. Now lets make Schezwan Sauce;
  4. Remove seeds from Kashmir chilllies and Dry red chillies and sock it in water for about 15-20 minutes
  5. Grind it in a blender to a smooth paste. (If required you can add some water)
  6. In a pan heat some oil, add Garlic and Ginger , saute for few minutes , Don’t let it brown
  7. Add onion and saute few more time, till the onion become translucent.
  8. Its time to add Chilly paste, soy sauce, Vinegar, Salt and if required some water too
  9. Cook the mixture till it reach the right consistency or it start leave the edge of the pan .
  10. Sauce is ready and keep it aside
  11. In a Pan add Ghee, Saute all the vegetables enough
  12. Mix the sauce to the vegetables, add Chicken pieces and mix everything well
  13. Finally we will add the rice , sir and toss continuously for few minutes till everything mixed well
  14. Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice is ready!!