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  1. First of all lets fry grated coconut with a teaspoon oil with dry red chilly
  2. When it started to get brown, add coriander power.
  3. Let us make it a thick paste with little water in mixer
  4. Now we will cook prawns with shallots, chilly powder, turmeric powder, coconut pieces & salt.
  5. When it cooked enough add Tamarind mixed with enough water
  6. Now add the coconut masala mix with prawn mix
  7. Let cook it for few more minute till it reach right consistency
  8. Finally we will garnish the theeyal .
  9. For that let’s fry mustard seeds a in a pan, when it start to crackle add curry leaves and garnish the theeyal
  10. Best with boiled rice, Idli, Dosa or anything you like .