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  1. Pathiri / Malabar Pathiri/ Nice Pathiri / Rice Pathiri is the most famous delicacy after Biriyani from Malabar region. Its very easy to make
  2. First of all, in a pan boil Water with Salt and Ghee
  3. When it start to boil, ass Rice flour little by little, Stir continuously. to make a something like a Dough. (Don’t worry we will make perfect dough)
  4. Off the flame and Cover it with lid and keep it there for some time
  5. When its cool down enough to handle, Make a smooth dough with hand
  6. Now make lemon sized ball from it , dust tit with rice flour, and roll it with pin, as thin as possible
  7. Heat a tawa place each pathiri on hot tawa, Press it gently to puff it . Just few second is required. Never burn it (or brown dots)
  8. Cook both sides, And Pathiri is ready. Taste it best with sweetened coconut milk or Chicken curry