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  1. Thaen Mittai or Then Mittayi or Thaen Nilavu is a traditional kerala candy. Which can be made very easily.
  2. Soak Raw Rice and Urad dal overnight.
  3. Drain water completely
  4. Prepare thick batter with Raw rice and Urad Dal with no water or minimum water
  5. Add a pinch Baking soda, a pinch Salt, and Red food colour and mix well
  6. Now we will make Sugar syrup
  7. Head Sugar water mix in a pan
  8. Stir continuously till all sugar dissolved
  9. Let the syrup thicken enough
  10. Heat oil in pan
  11. Shape the batter in to desired shape and deep fry it.
  12. Put the candies in sugar syrup for 5 minutes. Let it drain.
  13. When it drain completely, you can roll them in to powdered sugar
  14. Keep it in an air tight container. Eat it when you want. simple!!