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  1. Aviyal or Sadya Aviyal or Sadya special Aviyal   is made with vegetables which available year long. Its quick and easy recipe
  2. First of all Cut all vegetables in to 1 – 1 1/2 inch long slices. and wash well
  3. In a cooking bowl, add a tablespoon Coconut Oil, a spring Curry leaves, Yam, Yellow cucumber, Snake Gourd, Drum stick, Green Chillies and Yard long beans and cook for some minutes
  4. Now you can add Turmeric powder, Chilly powder and Salt and mix well and cook
  5. Next you can add Raw Banana slices, mix well and cook some more minutes till everything get cooked
  6. Grind or Crush Coconut with Cumin seeds without water
  7. Add Tamarind extract to the vegetables and mix well.
  8. Add Coconut paste to the cooked vegetables and mix well
  9. We will Finish the cooking with Adding Curry leaves and pour a teaspoon Coconut Oil over the curry
  10. Easy Sadya Aviyal is ready.