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  1.  Pizza making is little skilful job. But Once you did it, its just a s easy job. Now lets start with Pizza Dough
  2. First of all, Lets sieve together All Purpose Flour and Salt. Its for mixing both well.
  3. Now in lukewarm water (40 Degree Celsius) mix Sugar well, now add Active dry yeast and keep it in a warm place
  4. If the Yeast is good thick foam will generate over the water, else throw the water away and start from beginning
  5. If the yeast is working , add enough to the Flour, add Butter and make a dough.
  6. First it will be sticky. you may use more flour to dust your hand.
  7. Now we will grease another bowl with olive oil and  and roll the dough in the bowl that every part of the dough covered with oil , if not , you can simple brush some oil
  8. Keep the dough covered in a damp cloth to rise up . Approximately 2 hour or till it reach double in size
  9. Now we will roll the dough once more. Split the dough in to two equal balls and keep it in another 1 hour.
  10. You can use this dough as the base for any Pizza . You could make two medium Pizza with it.