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  1. To make Kallapam soak rice at least 3 hours, Drain water and  make powder using a mixer
  2. Sieve the powder to separate big particles from the powder (tarang). Keep those heavy particles aside. We need it in next step
  3. Take 1/4 cup those big particles and add water and on medium flame, stir continuously to make a thick paste (Kappi Kachal) and keep it aside to cool down
  4. Grind coconut into a thick paste with enough water
  5. In the Rice powder, add the thick Rice paste (kappi) of rice, Coconut paste, Toddy, Sugar and salt. Mix well and keep it it a warm place for fermentation over night
  6. In morning you can add Cardamom powder and mix well. If required you can add some water.  Now the batter is ready to Make Kallappam
  7. There are two ways to cook traditional Kallappam .
  8. One option is pour the batter in a greased plate with depth and steam it in a steamer. And cut them in to pieces (like pizza slices)
  9. Second way just like we cook Appam Make Appm with this batter using appachatti
  10. Best with Mutton Stew or Vegetable Stew