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  1. Chakka Puzhukku is a seasonal delicacy in kerala. Because its main ingredient, Jack fruit or Chakka is a seasonal fruit.  Its really tasty and healthy food , you could eat it daily and maintain a fibre rich diet. So let’s start
  2. First clean jack fruit and remove bulb from unripe jackfruit. we dont need rags or cor for this purpose. You can use them to make cutlet or fritters. We need bulb and seeds.
  3. Next we chop jackfruit bulbs and seeds small pieces.
  4. Next we will cook it. Its a job which require your full concentration. In a bowl, add jackfruit seeds, Jack fruit bulb chopped, Chilly powder, Turmeric powder, enough salt and water. Do not use pressure cooker for this. While cooking you need to check water level, if required you need to add more water. else, there is high chance for a burn out. So it always better to put jackfruit seeds first. then jackfruit bulb chopped.
  5. Next we will grind grated Coconut with Garlic, shallot in to a thick paste and keep it aside
  6. We will add the paste to the cooked jackfruit mix and combine well
  7. Cook it for 2 minutes
  8. Finally add Coconut oil and Curry leaves. No need to cook further. so you can off the flame
  9. Chakka Puzhukku is ready.
  10. Best served warm with Kanji (Congee)