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  1. Persian Rice Cookies or Naan Berenji (Nan-e-Berenji)is famous rice cookies fromPersia(Iran).
  2. First of all in a Bowl mix Oil and Sugar well
  3. Now add Egg yolk and mix with hand blender for a minute
  4. Next we will add Rice flour by 3-4 batch. and we will make a dough.
  5. Finally we will add Rose water. The dough may be little crumbly. But don’t worry.
  6. Make a ball and cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator over night.
  7. Preheat the Oven
  8. Now let’s roll the dough in to small balls.  Press the middle little place it in a baking tray
  9. If the balls tend to crack, heal it with finger or additional dough
  10. Now sprinkle Poppy Seeds over the cookies and bake it at 180 degree for 25-30 minutes or till light brown colour appear at bottom side of the cookies.
  11. Let it cool down. Persian rice cookies is ready