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  1. Karandi Omelette is a popular omelette in Tamil Nadu. Its little spicy and littile thick than normal omlette . Its made in Karandi (a special pan normally using for tempering Mustard seeds)
  2. First Chop Onion, Green Chillies, Tomatoes finely
  3. In a Bowl, beat Egg with Turmeric powder, Salt, Pepper powder, Chopped Chilly, Onion and Tomato
  4. Heat oil in Karandi pan. Pour the Egg mix over it
  5. Lets cook it the side. When the side is cooked, flip the omelette with a spoon. Do it carefully .
  6. Now it look like a pillow
  7. Cook the other side also
  8. Karandi Omelette is ready