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  1. Rava laddu is one of the proud member of Laddu family. Making is simple just like other versions of laddu. so lets start.
  2. First boil 1/2 cup water. add a pinch of Turmeric powder just for colour. if you want white colour laddu just skip it.
  3. Next add a teaspoon Ghee
  4. Now we will add 1/2 cup sugar, stir continuously till the sugar melt completely
  5. Check the consistency of the syrup. It should be One string
  6. Add roasted Rava and combine well
  7. Let it cool enough to handle . It will be little dry. But don’t worry
  8. Rub hands with Ghee make lemon size ball with the Rava mixture.
  9. If the mixture become too dry, you could add some milk
  10. If you wish place Nut or Raisin on the laddu to garnish. Rava laddu is ready.