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  1. Lemon Dates Pickle are famous for for its sour sweet taste. As you know both ingredients are healthy their own way. So let’s start.
  2. First , you have to cook the Lemon. Either you can steam the lemon or Saute in Sesame Oil.
  3. If you steam the lemon, keep the water, we will use it leter
  4. If you saute lemon in sesame oil, wipe it clean.
  5. Now cut each lemon in to four pieces
  6. Remove seeds and cut dates in to small pieces
  7. Next in a pan add Gingelly oil, add Garlic and saute for some time
  8. Add Curry leaves, saute few more minutes, and Add dates, cook it for some more time
  9. It’s the time to add Lemon pieces. Continue cooking
  10. When everything cooked well, add Chilly Powder, Salt, Asafoetida powder, Fenugreek powder and mix well
  11. For water content either you could add the water we kep earlier or add fresh water
  12.  With the wooden spatula, mix hard each ingredients well to form a paste like consistency
  13. Add Jaggery and mix well
  14. Finally add a teaspoon of Vinegar and mix
  15. You can use it after 24 hours
  16. Lemon Dates Pickle is ready.