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  1. Ven Pongal , origin in Tamil Nadu and one of the popular breakfast dish in south india. Ponkal have two varieties. Sweet and Savory. Sweet one or Chakkara poingal or Sarkkarai pongal and Savory one Ven pongal or Khara pongal.
  2. First of all we will roast Moong dal for some time. and keep it aside
  3. In a cooker, add one cup Rice and half cup Moong dal, add enough water, Tuermic powder and enough Salt
  4. Cook it till everything cooked well. Don’t mind if its little  over cooked.
  5. If required, you could mash everything well.
  6. Next heat Ghee, roast cashews and keep it aside
  7. Next we will temper Cumin seeds in same ghee.
  8. Add crushed pepper, crushed ginger, Green chillies, Curry leaves & Asafoetida
  9. Pour the mix over the rice mix. Combine well
  10. Ven Pongal is ready. Serve with sambar