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  1. First of all heat a teaspoon of oil, add coconut , red chillies (4) and fry it
  2. Let it be in brown colour
  3. Add coriander powder and saute few more minute
  4. In a mixer jar grind the coconut mix in to a thick paste with required amount of  water
  5. In a pan heat oil , add Bitter Gourd, Shallots, green chillies, salt and  saute well .
  6. When it cooked well, add Turmeric powder and chilly powder. Mix well
  7. In a bowl sock tamarind and extract juice
  8. Add tamarind juice to bitter gourd mix
  9. when it stared boil, add coconut masala and mix well
  10. Finally we will heat oil and add mustard seeds
  11. when mustard seeds start crackle add curry leaves, dry red chillies. saute and add to Theeyal
  12. Best with hot Rice
  13. Note : If Bitter Gourd has too much bitterness , boil it in water and drain it